Atlantic Challenger

Updated 11/11/2008

    I kept the photos here as it was one of my enjoyed moments building it.


This Atlantic Challenger  was Stolen from our Showcase on the

13th February 2006 together with many other Cars & RC Monster Trucks.

As far as we know, there is only one other Atlantic Challenger in Malta,

 & this belongs to a customer of ours, so if anyone sees it anywhere in the water please do not approach the person, but we kindly ask you to take his vehicle Registration number,

and we will take it on from there with the Authorities.

You have the right to remain anonymous, and your identity will never be disclosed to anyone.

Note that the Mast was left behind broken in the showcase so the boat will either have NO Mast,

or not the original Mast.

Purchase of this Power Boat, by order






The Atlantic Challenger made by Groupner, comes in kit form and can now be seen finished above photo.

The kit is made for someone with a lot of imagination, and is definitely not made for someone without patience and experience. It is not an easy boat to put together. In fact the instructions are written and translated from German to English, and for someone like myself with a British background, some of the wordings do not make sense.

Before starting one must  read and go through all the instructions, and imagine how parts fit together.

As I don't have much time being busy at the Shop, I started putting the boat together and managed to finish it in approx 18 months. At the end I was very happy with the result.


As you can see my workshop is in a bit of a mess, but the important thing is that one knows where everything is.


Its a pity that not many people had the time to see it as as I said our shop was broken into and the Challenger was one of our items stolen.