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CEN 1/10 Body Sets

Please ask for prices & shipping


CEN Body Set RTR(Porsche 911 GT1)


CEN Body Set RTR (Porsche 911 GT3)



CEN Body Set RTR (Impreza WRC



CEN Body Set RTR (Peugeot 206)



CEN Body Set RTR(Mits.Lancer EvoVI)



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Byron Race Gen2 Fuel


Byron Race Gen2 Fuel





























































































CEN GST 7.7 Ready to Rock


Please ask for shipping / Payment only by PayPal


495.00 Sold Out (Please ask for shipping cost)




The New GST Models are now supplied with the above

radio and sniper racing tires

46 Size Engine, 4 disc brake, 3 speed + Reverse

3ch Digital radio 2.4G

3x10kg metal gear servos, 4 Wheel Steering (optional)






CEN Roto Starter for GST 7.7 Truck

@ 55.00 Euro In Stock


CEN Matrix 1/5 Hummer Petrol 4WD Truck RTR


30cc Petrol Engine, 30Kg Metal Gear Servo for steering,

2.4G Radio, Battery for receiver included,

only charger is required.


All you need is a mix of unleaded Petrol & Two stroke Oil

Out of stock





Fuel Tank:  The huge 650cc fuel tank provide up to an hour of run time!




Front Axle Hub:  The front C-hub suspension brings durability and

effective steering capabilities to the Matrix 5
Full aluminum oil-pressure shock absorbers




Powerful 30cc 2 stroke Petrol engine 




Center Transfer Gear: The center beveled transfer gear is produced with hardened steel and transfers the power from the engine to the front / rear wheels. 


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