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BR-0-4-OST "PUG"

A BR version of the little LMS 'Pug'. These Pugs had a wheelbase of only 5ft 9in, which made them ideal for areas with tight curves, such as dockside and industrial workings. Livery is BR's unlined freight black, as from 1949. Type 7 motor.

Length 85mm.                                   Code: R2093

Out of Stock                                              49.95





The origins of the 61XX go back to the early 1900's with the class showing the influence of Churchward, however the finished design is credited to C B Collet. The length of the locomotive was 41ft and weighed

78 tons 9 cwt, with a tractive effort of 23,000Ibs.

The class was so reliable that many continued their working life well into BR days, as shown on the

above model. Model is powered by a Type 7 motor. Length 163mm.            Code: R2213 B                             73.50

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BR 0-6-2T, CLASS N2 69506 running number
A post grouping development by Gresley, the Class N2 had a power classification of 3P. The solid body was fitted with a most distinctive condenser system which was a particular feature of this locomotive. The BR liveried Hornby model reflects the style and innate power of these passenger locomotives, which spent most of their working lives from the 1920's through to the final days of steam pulling commuter trains in Scotland as well as to and from Eastern London stations. Powered by a 5 pole motor.

Length 152mm.                 

Code: R2178 B  85.50

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Hornby R3285TTS LNER 4-6-2 Gadwall A4 Class DCC TTS Sound - OO Gauge

Young or old, keen modeller or just a beginner, the Hornby RailRoad range answers the needs of many and is a perfect complement to the variety of locomotives, rolling stock, track, buildings, and accessories that can be found in the current Hornby catalogue. Devoid of easily damaged detail parts the suitably livered RailRoad locomotives are fitted with efficient drive mechanisms and have pickups on all drive wheels ensuring smooth running.

LNER 4-6-2

Class A4

"Gadwell" With TTS Sound (Decoder fitted)


Code: R3285TTS  98.60

Sold Out



Hornby R3245TTS BR 4-6-2 'Tornado Peppercorn A1 Class W/Sound DCC - 00 Gauge

For several years Hornby have been at the forefront of adding the dimension of sound to the world of model railways by having locomotives equipped with sound decoders.

In 1990 a group of enthusiasts began building a Peppercorn Class A1 Pacific locomotive from scratch. After nearly 20 years, locomotive No. 60163 'Tornado' moved under its own power at Darlington on the 29th July 2008.

The 4-6-2 wheel configured locomotive is 72' 11 3/4" (22.24m) long, 9' 2 7/8" (2.82m) wide, 13' (3.96m) high, capable of 100mph and 'Tornado' is at present certificated to 75mph. Modern construction techniques produced a strong stable frame and a few adjustments were made to the tender, water and coal capacity during the build. Since 2008 this popular locomotive attracts large crowds, wanting to see this marvel of determination and fortitude, wherever 'Tornado' appears.

The locomotive has worn various liveries, 'Workshop' grey, LNER Apple Green, BR Brunswick Green and BR Express Blue since 2012 meaning that 'Tornado' has carried the same four liveries as all the original A1 Pacific locomotives.

Please Note that Shipping is calculated to UK & most of Europe. Kindly contact us for shipping outside the EU


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Length: 106mm; Running number: 41 'Piccadilly'; Livery: Full Stroudley yellow; Finish: Pristine; Motor: Type 7; Purpose: Light passenger and shunting.


Class Introduced: 1911; Loco Weight: 28tons 5cwt; Driving Wheels: 4ft 0in.

Code: R2483  75.00

Sold Out




SR 4-4-0 'Wellington' Schools Class DCC Fitted


Livery: SR Bulleid Green

Period: 1940s

Finish: Pristine

Features: Extensive Cab Detail


Code: R2745X  159.95

Sold Out


Hornby R2742 SR 4-4-0 Schools Class 'Charterhouse'


Livery: Maunsell Green Class: Schools Period: 1930's Finish: Pristine Features: Extensive Cab Detail. Motor: 5 pole skew wound loco drive. Curved track: Hornby 2nd Radius + / 438mm +


Code: R2742  138.00             DCC Ready

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Hornby R2742 SR 4-4-0 Schools Class 'Charterhouse'


Originally out shopped from Eastleigh works in 1945, 'Bibby Line' was rebuilt in 1956 and withdrawn in the early months of 1965. It is unfortunate that this locomotive has the dubious record of being the only member of the class to be cut up by BR.

Length: 290mm; Running number: 35020 'Bibby Line'; Livery: BR green (early emblem); Period: Mid 1950s; Features: Sprung buffers; Finish: Pristine; Motor: 5 pole skew wound loco drive; Purpose: Heavy express passenger; Suitable
Class Introduced: 1956; Loco Weight: 97tons 18cwt; Driving Wheels: 6ft 2in.
Additional Production Notes
Only suitable to run on second radius curves or greater    

 Code: R2204 139.25

Sold Out



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