Top Gun Heli Flite Mini Vortex RTH (Ready-To-Hover) Helicopter

     Amazing control and stability with a capability to fly forwards, backwards, left and right .

The Mini Vortex provides a flying experience just like larger,

more expensive helis - the Mini Vortex is THE micro r/c copter for all indoor fun!


  • Advanced flying characteristics not seen on such a small Heli

  • Amazing control and in-flight performance

  • Able to fly forward, backward, turn left and right with high stability

  • Proportional control allows for more precise control and effective flying

  • High capacity Lipo battery can provide up to 12 minutes flight time

  • Fully charged in 50 minutes

  • Spare parts available

Part Description: Part TGP0700 Mini Vortex RTF (Ready To Hover)

Price (RRP